Wednesday, 28 September 2016

All Coming Out in the Wash

When we noted the change in twitter support for the McCanns last month – in particular the abrupt cessation of the attacks on Amaral – we were suggesting a co-ordinated action. All the vicious posts made under some dozen or so “core identities” had been saying the same things in exactly the same way for over half a decade yet all ceased on the same day (!) - meaning that there was no other explanation.

Who co-ordinated it and  exactly how was another matter, although we had a rough idea of what must have taken place. Given the history of deception that characterises the close circle of McCann supporters it was, of course, no surprise that none of them referred to or, indeed, publicly acknowledged even  the existence of such a volte-face.  
Still, unanimous silence about a shadowy decision could only mean that the individuals concerned had something to hide. So it followed that, if they could,  they’d try and rebut the  Bureau’s story – we were the only people noting the change  – in the obvious way: by unashamedly attacking Amaral in even more abusive terms at even more frequent intervals.
But they couldn’t do that without going against the agreement with their monitors!
The only thing they could do, once again, was to pretend. Leave the policy in place but have a mere day or two of noisy, colourful  (but very careful) Amaral abuse to put such rumours in their place before reverting to silence.  Which is exactly what we told readers they would do:

“You'll see some-loud but brief-abuse of Amaral on twitter soon: they always read the Bureau.”
And that is just what they did, together with clever wheezes like defaming Martin Grime at the same time – there are no instructions in place about laying off him – to cover their tracks. And it has, as we predicted, all stopped again, as it had to.  

The monitors know that the “appeal” is lost and have acted accordingly. That's the reason for the instructions. Now the work will move away from blackening Amaral to gaining public support at home.   

Now why would that be necessary?

Meanwhile On the Other Side…

Swim, anyone?
…among our growing list of fantasists who are being proved not just wrong but horribly, embarrassingly and maliciously  wrong day by day as events – and facts – unfold, we have the obsessive  Canadian cesspit swimmer who goes by the name of Hidiho.
The Pit – where else? – is where she thrives. For the last few months she has been running a thread there about there being “no credible evidence” that Madeleine McCann was alive on May 3, one which has been loudly applauded by the other bobbing floaters for its  “impressive research”.  
“No credible evidence?” No credible evidence?
“Credible”  is a Pit/Bennett/floater favourite because it pretends to be a word dealing with evidence but actually means nothing except “I choose not to believe it”.  

The Facts

That Madeleine  McCann was alive at 5.30 PM on May 3 2007 is almost the only fact about the case for which the evidence is quite indubitable.
Four eye-witnesses independently attest, in detail, to having seen her on Thursday May 3. The PJ Final Report on the case states as a finding of fact that she was alive until 5.30PM that day. The prosecutors’ Archiving Summary states that the evidence shows the child was alive until 5.30PM that day.
Goncalo Amaral wrote that the child was alive at 5.30PM that day. Since then he has given an interview to one of his known supporters, a person of the utmost reliability, in which he was asked specifically if he stood by what he had written about the time the child was last seen by independent witnesses. He replied with an emphatic yes.
If you choose to exclude that lot then you have no "credible" evidence at all that Madeleine McCann ever vanished, or indeed, ever existed.

Sooner or Later you Have to Choose

That  Hidiho has lied, manipulated facts and suppressed evidence, as she has always done, is no surprise. What makes her behaviour much worse, though, is that she has named and traduced the four eyewitnesses all over the net without a whit of evidence. Great for their future career prospects, eh? What a horrible, disgusting, lying inadequate she is.
When challenged recently, by JB among others, she was unable to offer a single word in defence of her claims but had hysterics instead and begged for forgiveness “if I am wrong”.
The knee-jerk response of many sceptics about Kate and Gerry McCann is to spring to the defence of people like Hidiho,  Bennett and  other frauds out of some weird belief that their obvious lies should be ignored because “we’re all on the same side”.
You can’t be on the same side as exposed liars and fantasists like that if you really believe in truth. You just can't.  


Criminal Profiler at Work

Those other truth-tellers  Pat Brown – you know, the one who criminally libelled 30+ serving British police officers as conspirators so she could sell a trashy book –  and Chelsea Hoffman – no comment – have been a bit quiet lately, haven’t they?  
And farewell to another favourite - Safari Sarah, who has taken "a temporary break" from spamming #McCann. Now why would that be?
It's all coming out in the wash. As it does.